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Assetto Corsa : Support du HTC Vive vers fin aout, correction d'un bug en VR et lancement du Red Pack

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le 15/07/2016 à 16:01
L'excellent Assetto Corsa vient d'être mis à jour en version 1.7, les amis !

Cette mise à jour corrige le fameux bug qui empêche de voir correctement l'UI en ayant activé l'anti-aliasing si les effets de post processing n'étaient pas activés, rajoute la possibilité de faire un faux départ, et surtout accompagne le lancement du Red Pack, un DLC a 10 euros qui rajoute du contenu !

Changelog complet :
  • - Added Red Bull Ring track (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Ferrari SF15-T (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Ferrari F138 (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Ferrari 488 GT3 (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Lamborghini Aventador SC (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Maserati 250F 6 cylinder (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Maserati 250F 12 cylinder (Red Pack DLC) 
  • - Added Maserati Levante S 
  • - Performance Delta App: Added instant velocity difference bar 
  • - Realtime App: Added road/ambient temperatures and grip 
  • - Fixed system messages when ABS and TC are not available 
  • - Added loading/saving system for fixed setup sessions 
  • - Added audio device selector on Audio App. If saved device is not there, main device will be used 
  • - Added volume ramp function to overcome issues with logitech headphone drivers 
  • - Added Precision slider in Photo App 
  • - Added missing icons on replay interface 
  • - Added QUANTITY_MULT in system/cfg/skidmarks.ini 
  • - Fixed RX-7 Tuned turbo sound behavior 
  • - Fixed Alfa 155 mixing route for external sounds 
  • - Fixed Ferrari F40 low-pass filter and some events volume 
  • - Balanced exterior volume for all the cars 
  • - New Bmw M3 e92 external sounds 
  • - Added brake disc temperature simulation to (Ferrari 488 GT3, Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4,Maserati Levante) 
  • - New Drivemotive Drifting School livery for BMW M3 e92 drift and S1 variants 
  • - Tyre pressure now influences temperature spread and build up 
  • - Added dynamic controller for EBB (electronic brake balance). Use file ctrl_ebb.ini for the controller. 
  • - Added daylight function on "lights" script 
  • - Added multiple turbo analogue instruments management 
  • - Added server hints on RaceControl screen 
  • - Added TC, ABS, Turbo keys to controller interface (both up and down) 
  • - now TC and ABS can be cycled back through CTRL + SHIFT 
  • - Added Flashing lights 
  • - Showroom: Added video editing camera controls 
  • - Showroom: Added car lights trigger as script "SHOWROOM""LOAD_LIGHTS" (previews are made without car lights) 
  • - Showroom: Added support for extra animations (extra_animations.ini). Numkey_6 
  • - Added blinking light system 
  • - Fixed Volume App not saving bumper audio 
  • - Added jump start 
  • - Added penalty for "ESC to pits" during race 
  • - Fixed some car/track combination resetting to pits at the start of HotLap sessions 
  • - Improved remote cars movements over curbs 
  • - AI is not making brake mistakes for cars that have ABS available 
  • - Different level of engine brake are now selectable by the users on cars that offer the option (Ctrl+E) 
  • - Added graphics smoothing for rigid bodies coming from physics 
  • - Onboard brake bias now follows same limits in the FRONT_BIAS section in setup.ini 
  • - Red lines and indications for gear change in the GUI are now considering damage rpms as well as limiters 
  • - Laps completed indications in the GUI during races now refer to "leader completed laps" and not player completed laps 
  • - Performance Delta app is now using spline position for calculation instead of distance calculated from car speed (less realistic but much more precise) 
  • - New camera view at start, showing car instead of track 
  • - New AI algorithms for race craft 
  • - AI drivers are now much more variable in performance during a single lap and during a session
  • - "Lights on/off" is now a status of a car instead of a switch and gets replicated over the network properly 
  • - Tyre radius is now also a function of tyre angular velocity 
  • - Fixed self align torque going to negative values too early 
  • - New Tyre Model V10 for selected cars 
  • - Additional general bugfixing on car graphics and some improvements to lods across the entire vehicle content 
  • - 3D improvements on the Nissan R34 Skyline 
  • - 3D improvements on the Nissan 370Z Nismo 
  • - 3D improvements on the Ferrari LaFerrari 
  • - General bugfixes in several tracks 
  • - New clouds textures 
  • - Improved PPeffects 
  • - Improved Weathers 
  • - Fixed GUI not showing on Oculus with PP off and AA on 
  • - Added the possibility to launch sim directly. Add section "  ACTIVE=1 " To race.ini then start AssettoCorsa.exe 
  • - Added experimental Bandwidth Optimizer to acServer

Toujours pas de menu VR ni de compatibilité HTC Vive au programme, mais Stefano Casillo, développeur de Assetto Corsa explique que la prochaine mise à jour qui arrivera "probablement vers fin aout 2016" pourrait apporter la compatibilté HTC Vive. On croise les doigts !
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