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No Man's Sky en VR...

Depuis qlq jours, le jeu No Man's Sky est compatible VR, grâce au logiciel tiers VorpX.
Tout ceci est en bêta, cela peut demander bcp de patience et de réglage pour chaque ordinateur.
Voici le message de Ralph expliquant (en anglais) le tuto complet :

Here is an experimental profile for No Man’s Sky.
Simply drag and drop the file into the local profiles list in the vorpX config app.
Be aware that with a minimum specs GPU performance won’t be too great with 3D enabled.

Important Hints:
  1. The profile uses a low ImageZoom value to compensate for the FOV, 16:9 resolutions minimize bars caused by that (1680×1050 was used here).
  2. Set the FOV in the game’s graphics options to 100 (the max. value).
  3. Set all quality related graphics options to “Low” for better performance.
  4. Set the “Max FPS” option in the game’s graphics options to “Max”.
FOV still isn’t quite right this way. You can enhance it with the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX menu.
Be aware that this will cause various glitches though.
Might also be worth a try to disable 3D completely which runs a lot better.

Download : No Man’s Sky (experimental).vpp

Optional: FOV-adjustment for full immersion:

Below you find a preconfigured ini file that raises the FOV above what is possible in the game and sets the resolution to 1280×1024 to regain some performance lost by doing that. 16:9 resolutions like mentioned above aren’t required with a higher FOV.
  1. Browse to your [No Man’s Sky Folder]BinariesSETTINGS” folder. For Steam the install folder usually is [Steam]steamappscommonNo Man’s Sky, for GOG [GOG Game Folder]No Man’s Sky
  2. Replace TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML with the one below. Make a backup!
  3. Optionally write protect the file to prevent the game from resetting values.
  4. Raise the Image Zoom in the vorpX menu to match the higher FOV and reduce the bars around the image: ~0.6 slightly depending on your headset.
Download preconfigured ini: TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML
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