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Croteam annonce Serious Sam VR: The 2nd Encounter, Serious Sam 3 VR et The Talos Principle VR

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Article de la communauté
le 08/02/2017 à 19:43
Croteam, les développeurs de Serious Sam VR : The First Encounter (lire le test) et Serious Sam VR : The Last Hope (lire le test) viennent de profiter du lancement de Serious Fusion 2017, une mise à jour apportant de nombreuses améliorations ainsi que le support du multijoueur entre versions classiques et VR pour annoncer pleins de jeux VR !

Et oui, bientôt on aura le droit à :
  • Serious Sam VR: The 2nd Encounter
  • Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE
  • The Talos Principle VR
Ce qui fait pas mal de jeux VR ! The Last Encounter aura d'ailleurs bientôt une nouvelle planète de débloquée (Shanti) et voici le changelog de Serious Sam Fusion 2017 pour ceux que cela intéresse :

  • All games now support SteamOS/Linux/OSX!
  • Split-screen!
  • 64bit executables
  • Support for Vulkan API (DirectX9 is now being removed; so long and thanks for all the bugs)
  • Multithreaded rendering
  • The new “lightweight” savegame system; savegames are now saved much faster, are very small and stored in the Steam cloud, and savegames still work even if a level is changed in a patch, or if a mod is updated
  • Full support for all controllers including Steam controller, PS4 gamepads, all older DInput joysticks
  • Proper multimonitor support
  • Borderless window support
  • Customizable sound outputs
  • Proper 3D audio using a proprietary sound-mixer (the same approach as used in the old Classics games)
  • Improved physics engine with better handling of character movement
  • Texture streaming in all games
  • Much better modding support with customizable weapons and items, improved scripting (including better support for scripting networked games)
  • Lots of other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • And last but not the least – we will now be able to more easily ship updated code towards all these titles more regularly!

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