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Raw Data : Nouvelles compétences et améliorations avec la version 0.2

Raw Data, l'excellent shooter coopératif en roomscale se met encore une fois à jour les amis !

La mise à jour 0.2 apporte des nouvelles compétences comme le Fusion Charged Shot pour Bishop et le Telekinesis pour Saija, et apporte aussi des améliorations diverses touchant le jeu et le gameplay.

Changelog complet :

New Content / Functionality 
  • Bishop: New Hero Ability - Fusion Charged Shot. Players must steal the technology from Eden Corp and purchase it from the Hero selection screen. 
  • Saija: New Hero Ability - Telekinesis. Players must steal the technology from Eden Corp and purchase it from the Hero selection screen. 
  • Ninja Bot: New Enemy Ability - Stealth. Will allow him to sneak up on players more easily. 
  • Dark Source: Flashlight functionality has been added. Automatically activates at mission start on Bishop’s pistol and Saija’s Flash Blade. 
  • Added volume and mute controls for voice chat in the in-game options menu. 
  • Game Start sequences can now be skipped through with button input allowing players to get to the Showroom quicker. (Skip functionality is disabled for first-time game startup.)

Gameplay Improvements / Balance 
  • Dark Source mission difficulty has been slightly reduced. 
  • Data Core health has been slightly increased. 
  • Teleshift now maintains player embodiment during movement, allowing players to melee attack/slice through enemies while Teleshifting. 
  • A buffer zone around enemies has been added to help prevent Teleshifting too close. 
  • Teleshifting is now limited with a stamina system to improve game balance. 
  • Decreased pistol reloading distance and increased speed of reload animation. The reload animation can also now be interrupted by moving your hand away during the sequence. 
  • Improved crawler vomit VFX to increase player awareness. Also decreased the time before the Crawler vomits on the player. 
  • Updated VFX for Saija’s Flash Blade, including trails. 
  • Improved Flash Blade hit reactions by making them bigger and more responsive to help with player feedback. 
  • Improved pistol fire SFX. 
  • Improved Bulletstorm VFX. 
  • New fade-out material on view model of player avatar arms added. 
  • Revamped ability cooldown/energy indicator UI. Gravity Thrust and Shurikens have temporary energy meters that are only visible on hand when triggering ability. Special Ability button UI now also has cooldown meters integrated. 
  • Ability popup in the main menu now has information about controls and a link to the controls page. 
  • Main menu now displays current number of players online.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing all open games from displaying in the multiplayer game search UI based on geographic proximity. 
  • Fix implemented to prevent accidental pistol and ammo clip swapping. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Crawler enemy was not always aligning properly to the front of the player.

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