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Onward : Nouvelle carte, nouveau mode de jeu et amélioration du mode de déplacement

Dante, le développeur d'Onward ne se repose pas sur ses lauriers malgré tout l'engouement qui entoure son jeu ! Il vient de publier une mise à jour apportant plusieurs fonctionnalités qu'il avait promis il y a quelques temps.

Pour commencer, on a désormais accès à une toute nouvelle carte nommée Bazaar. Cette dernière se situe dans un marché au Moyen-Orient et une tempête de sable peut faire son apparition par moment :
Attention à la tempête de sable !
Attention à la tempête de sable !

La mise à jour apporte aussi le mode Escort annoncé il y a quelques temps, où il faudra escorter un membre de l'équipe Marsoc choisi aléatoirement à un point d'évacuation. De nombreuses autres améliorations ont été effectuées aussi comme un ajustement du système de déplacement qui devrait être "plus intuitif", des balles qui sont enfin capables de traverser les éléments et une upgrade vers Unity 5.5.

Changelog complet

  • Slightly reworked movement system to be more intuitive (for both experienced and new players)
    • Previous:
      - Raising your gun to aim down sights slowed your movement by a flat rate
      - An exploit allowed you to move at full speed while aiming if your offhand was rotated a specific way
    • Now:
      - Raising your gun slows your speed based on how much it is raised
      - Aiming with pistols doesn’t reduce speed as much as aiming with Primary weapon
  • Added Bullet Penetration
    • Bullets lose some of their damage when passing through objects they penetrate
    • If a bullet loses too much damage, it gets impacted in the object it was trying to penetrate
    • Penetration has been added to wood materials. Fences in Suburbia, fences in Downfall, and market clutter in Bazaar
  • Changed the way Body Armor functions
    • Previous:
      - All damage dealt to torso area by FMJ bullets was blocked
    • Now:
      - Body armor has separate health from the player that degrades with damage
      - Damage from AP bullets goes through this health and only applies damage to player health
      - Damage from FMJ bullets will deal all its damage to body armor health. If the armor is reduced to no health, any excess and future damage is applied to player health and the armor is no longer useful
  • Changed the way Grenade damage functions
    • Previous:
      - Grenades dealt full damage to players in grenade blast radius
    • Now:
      - A player in the blast radius of a grenade receives part of the damage applied directly to player health and part of the damage applied to their chest (which will deal damage the same way FMJ damage does to the chest)
      - Grenade damage is reduced by penetrating materials
      - Grenade damage can be reduced by other players blocking line of sight to the grenade blast. Fall on a grenade to protect your team!
  • Each weapon has variable damage. In general, higher costing weapons deal slightly more damage
    • Pistol damage has been reduced by 50% (still gets multiplied by locational damage)
  • Added Equipment 2 slot that allows for Body Armor and Night Vision to be equipped at the same time
  • Downfall1 & 2: Added occasional Sandstorm weather event
  • Added new music by Rich Douglas
  • Changed crouch height to be relative to player’s set height rather than using a set crouch height (this should help with some smaller players being stuck constantly crouching)
  • Increased syringe “holster” collider size to make it easier to put away after equipping
  • Changed War Objective range for interaction from box to cylinder
  • Changed smoke grenade effects to be more dense when inside the grenade than before
  • Single player shooting range now works offline
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5
  • Added a map to the spectate view during rounds
  • Vote Kick now prevents player from rejoining that lobby for an hour
  • Added “killed by” text to tent after death
  • Added Game Mode to server browser entries
  • Changed tent model
  • Renamed previous “War” Game Mode to “Uplink”
  • Increased resolution of most UI text
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Added “Lowest” Quality setting
  • Weapon and Loadout systems refactor
  • Optimized frag and smoke grenade particles
  • Downfall1 & 2: Removed excess props outside of map bounds
  • Addressed some exploits
  • Fixed scope clipping when held close to camera
  • Fixed mouse cursor being locked to game window on start
  • Fixed sometimes getting too many players on the same team
  • Fixed ability to walk on barbed wire fences
  • Fixed ability to hold mag between rounds to retain ammo
  • Fixed vest colliding with geometry and getting stuck
  • Fixed kit being difficult to access while prone
  • Fixed player models sometimes being invisible
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Onward est une simulation militaire tactique  où les joueurs devront utiliser la coordination, communication et leur adresse au tir afin de compléter les objectifs.
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