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Onward : Amélioration du support des Oculus Touch, nouvelles cartes et mode de jeu

Onward, un des FPS qui a le plus révolutionné la réalité virtuelle, est de retour via une mise à jour qui apporte de nombreux changement !

Pour commencer, le support des Touch aurait été nettement amélioré selon la communauté, avec une meilleure prise en charge, un vrai support des boutons et des options de customisation ! La mise à jour apporte aussi un nouveau mode de jeu nommé Evac, qui demande aux joueurs de survivre contre l'AI et réussir à s'enfuir avec l'hélicoptère. Et bien entendu, on a aussi droit à de nouvelles armes, des corrections de bugs à tout va et même des nouvelles cartes, qui débarqueront le 27 octobre, soit après-demain !

Le changelog est très long, donc on vous le met en fin de l'article dans son intégralité. Comme d'habitude, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre notre serveur Discord pour trouver des gens avec qui jouer !

Changelog complet :

Featured Updates
  • Evac Operations Game Mode
    • New game mode for Operations vs AI (replaces the previous Defend mode)
    • Fight against never-ending reinforcements of enemies
    • Survive and escape by boarding the evac helicopter
  • Control Options
    • Added several control options. For new users, the control scheme will default to a more-intuitive setup than previously.
    • For existing users, a notification will prompt you for which control scheme you want to load New/Legacy. These both set different control settings that can all individually be changed at any time in Settings
    • New Options
      • Added option Knife trigger to require/not require trigger press to deal damage
        Knife will automatically deal damage to anything that is not yourself
      • Added option to simplify syringe use to just a trigger press
        No longer need to press touchpad/thumbstick
      • Added option for sprinting with just a single click or double click of the touchpad/thumbstick
      • Added option to change Grab Tablet button between Grip or Vive Menu/Oculus B/Y button
      • Added Snap Turn options for 30,45 degrees
        Previously was called "Room Scale" and "Front Facing" room setups which were Disabled and 30 degree snap turns, respectively
      • Added Oculus option to change weapon buttons for Drop Mag, Firemode Toggle, and Close Bolt
        Can now use A, B, thumbstick center
  • Escort Rebalance/Improvements
    • Evac of the VIP awards 2 points, instead of 1
    • Added multiple spawn points and objective placements to each map
      Increase variety and fix some balancing for spawns that favored Volk
    • Added "Opt in to VIP" button when confirming loadout. VIP will be selected from the players that opted-in (if no players opt-in, will choose random as before).
    • VIP loadout changed from M9, Body Armor to G17, Body Armor, Smoke Grenade, Night Vision (if night map)
      With the G17's larger capacity and a Smoke Grenade, we hope to improve the VIP's survivability
  • Replaced Weapons
    • M40A5 added (replaces L96) and SVD added (replaces SVU)

  • Ammo Boxes
    • Ammo boxes scattered on Operations levels
      These are marked by an icon on the tablet and will randomize each round
    • Added piles of ammo to Shooting Range
  • Check if downed players are still alive by reaching for their body and feeling a vibration pulse (arms, neck, chest)
  • Audio: New end round music
  • Audio: New AI voice audio
  • UI: Tablet laser only enables if usable (if Marsoc on Uplink)
  • UI: Tablet shows downed players with a red cross
  • UI: Settings screen remade to be more compact
  • Tent:
    • Toggle between Team Chat and Public Chat while in the tent.
    • Death text shows how you were killed (shot, meleed, grenaded by...)
    • Host can make a different player host by hovering over their name
    • Added map vote to Operations after a few rounds
  • Added clutter
  • Reduced Night Vision loadout cost from 2 to 1
  • Increased number of mags given to Automatic Rifleman equipped with an M16 or AKM (now 7 mags total)
    To promote Automatic Rifleman playing a suppression role
  • Removed AP ammo option to Automatic Rifleman M16 and AKM rifles
  • Highlighted
    • Fixed Anti-Cheat fading screen to black when moving down stairs and slopes
    • Fixed scope lenses being able to see through the dust storm particles
    • Fixed movement speed incorrectly being slowed when moving down slopes
    • Fixed physics speed being halved when interleaved/ASW reprojection kicks in
  • AI: Fixed an issue where AI could incorrectly persist between rounds. They should spawn after a delay
  • Tablet dots now lighten when NV is active
  • Tent: Fixed a few problems which can lead to UI disappearing when round ends
  • Input: Potential fix for Playstation Move or Windows Mixed Reality controllers being used with SteamVR not initializing correctly
  • Oculus: Rotated UI laser pointers to a more-comfortable angle
  • Oculus: Tutorial will now correctly display Oculus button names (thumbstick, B button, Y Button, etc)
  • Bullet hole optimization to prevent rendering and fading of bullet holes that are not visible from current position
  • Fixed potential issue where returning to tent wouldn't score the kill to the player that downed you
  • Fixed the magazine in the tent without physics
    There's a little something in there for those who enjoyed it
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Onward est une simulation militaire tactique  où les joueurs devront utiliser la coordination, communication et leur adresse au tir afin de compléter les objectifs.
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