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Developer answer here, first of all, sorry my french is really bad (my english is a bit better but not that good) and I cannot answer in french. And second, I'm really sorry you don't liked the game.

The objectives are pretty simple as we intended everyone could adapt fast to the game, even if they had not played before any other vr game. But as simple as the objective is, when you start to adapt and want to become better, in the second and third map you have to think and make some strategic decisions. In the snowy peaks maps, you have three main areas and every of those has it's own advantages and disadvantages: for example, in the top you have no visibility but 2 bottle necks to defend while in the bottom of the map you have room to move and great visibility and but you slide on the floor. We spent a LOT of time balancing the game to feel fast and fun while we kept the mechanics as simple as we could.

Talking about the oculus touch. It's true, you cannot play with touch but... this is going to change soon as we are working on the new version which will include (and you are right, it's a lot more fun this way). We are unsure about the exact date because we are only two people and I'm the only prorgammer, but I hope it will be ready in less than two or three weeks.

And we are also planning to add other maps with different gameplay, other enemys, etc...

Again, thank you so much for buying the game and please, as you already have it, give some more opportunities as we deploy new content. And if you still don't like it, please, contact us and give us feedback to keep improving :)

P.S. Please, remember that this is a comment from the developer, forget about the stars i'm giving to the game.
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Non, c'est vraiment pas génial.

Objectifs dignes d'un jeu des années 80 : on tire sur les robots et on collecte des pièces pour obtenir des médailles.
C'est rapide, beaucoup trop pour les gens un peu sensibles à la motion sickness comme moi.

Ca ne se joue pas avec les Touchs ce qui est vraiment dommage pour un jeu de tir.
Tous les ennemis se ressemblent. Une musique pénible qui boucle. Une seule arme (du moins là jusqu'où j'ai testé)...

Le jeu n'a pas vraiment de personnalité.
Je n'ai pas aimé.

Edit : thank you for the dev feedback Himitsu, i will try it again for sure when it will have Touch Support. I think you need an "Early Access" tag for the game. It would highlight that many things are about to come.
Vous pensiez que l'apocalypse viendrait des zombies ? Vous aviez tout faux. À l'ère de la technologie ? En aucune façon ! Les responsables sont les robots, bien sûr.
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